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As you have navigated your way through the many sites and if not deliberately, managed to stumble upon the official website for Riccardo J. Bramwell. Please feel free to continue browsing and when you see or find the service you require, enjoy its content and if you are happy, impressed or reassured he would be able to deliver that which you are seeking, please do not hesitate in giving him a call, drop him a message or fill out a contact form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Riccardo is. best known for playing the role of Darren in the 2015 mini-series 'PREMature'. His most recent work includes a short psychological film 'The Unfinished Chapter' where he plays. the role of Trey and the short dramatic film 'Rose's Dance' where he played the lead role 'Charles'. 

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Riccardo started stand up comedy late 2022. He has managed to secure some stage time at various venues such as 'The Lion's Den, 'Thursday's at the Creek' and 'Downstairs at the King's Head' with his debut performance at the Backyard Comedy Club.

Riccardo's style of comedy is observational and storytelling. 



Riccardo embarked on his filmmaking journey in. 2014 during his final year at uni. During that time, he has managed to complete, 8 shortfilms, written 2 feature films, and 1 mini web-series.

He most recent projects are 'The Unfinished Chapter' and 'Unseeing Evil'.



Riccardo hosts a range of party entertainment events and baby sitting services.

He has over 12 years in the childcare setting, a current and clear DBS as well as a first aid training.

References on request.


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